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If like me, you have spotted new Polish brand Tylko doing the rounds on Instagram, I thought it might be useful to share a little review of them as I was lucky enough to be gifted a bookcase for my home office.

Like lots of people, I live in a Victorian terrace house which has the most inconveniently sized alcoves. Some are weirdly wide, so most furniture looks odd in them (chest of drawers too narrow and sideboards too wide), and some are so small literally nothing will fit. So a bespoke shelving system which you can tailor to your exact measurements really is something that appeals to me!


The online tool is really simple to use - honestly go and have a play because I literally spent hours on there imagining different designs and scenarios. There are some colour options to consider too - I liked the dark blue because it really compliments the wallpaper in here and also felt quite timeless. There are some more ‘modern’ colour designs with a dual-colourway. I think they look amazing in the modern settings shown on the website but I wanted something more classic which is the beauty of the range as it does seem to cater for lots of different needs.


because of the skirting boards I knew the design wouldn’t totally butt up to the walls which is why I went for some ‘open sides’ in the design so as not to draw attention to it. In an ideal world, I would consider removing your skirting boards if you want a seamless finish in an awkward spot, but for me it would have damaged the wallpaper and been a much bigger job than I thought was justified. I also chose this configuration because of the open backed shelving which allows the wallpaper to shine through. I also wanted drawers/doors in some areas so I could hide rubbish and the 100s of books we have. The design tool lets you make every single decision like that so it completely answers your needs - super impressive.


The delivery took about 7-8weeks to arrive and putting it together was also impressively easy. Much simpler than traditional flat-pack, Tylko uses a bespoke ‘click’ system which is pretty fool hardy. Each part is labelled and you have a bespoke step by step guide for your individual product. The click system also feels much sturdier than other flat packs I have come across - it really holds everything in place and feels very strong. For a shelf this size, you definitely need two people to put it together. You will also need to fix anything this tall to the walls so we did need a drill. Otherwise, everything was included.


This particular unit cost around £950 but you can find ways to increase/decrease this based on the number of drawers/doors etc you include (and the size of course). Essentially the simpler the design, the cheaper it becomes. We did get a quote from a local carpenter about a fitted shelving system and that was going to be about £800. It would have been much simpler than this design-wise and would have been painted which has a more traditional look than the slick design here. I prefer this a lot more for the look I wanted (a contrast to the traditional wallpaper), but I wanted to point out that the cost difference isn’t significant VS bespoke carpentry.

Here is a little snap of the click system - essentially you follow the bespoke fitting guide (each step and piece is numbered/lettered) and match up the orange fixtures. Simple!

Here is a little snap of the click system - essentially you follow the bespoke fitting guide (each step and piece is numbered/lettered) and match up the orange fixtures. Simple!

In conclusion I am incredibly impressed by the system and the overall look, feel and quality oft he shelves. The design process is incredibly easy and flexible, and it is definitely the smoothest flat-pack experience me and my husband have ever had (not a single argument or cross word, which is basically unheard of!!). Although we have used it for an alcove, the flexible design system means you can create TV units, sideboards and a whole host of storage furniture depending on what you need. I am think about investing in a TV unit - the ones on the high-street are always so ugly right!? Anyway, hope that was useful but feel free to ask any questions :-)

Here is the website if you want to have a play - www.tylko.com

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