Home styling services

There is nothing quite as daunting as an empty white room, but don't worry I can help! Working with clients all over the country using a simple online styling service, I can help you source furniture, choose paint colours and work on room layout plans in three simple steps. It doesn't have to be expensive either with prices starting at just £145 per room. 

I am also available for more 'hands on' projects within the London area - get in touch for more information on how I can help.

empty room.jpg

Step 1

Tell me about the space! Provide me with details of the room, how you see yourself using the space and what 'problems' you want fixing as part of the restyle. The more information the better so the more photos and room measurements you can share is great.! If you have any mood boards or Pinterest boards to share these can also be a great help in understanding your style so I can create a truly bespoke, personal design just for you! This is also the time to discuss the practicals such as timescales and budgets.


Step 2

Once I am clear on the brief, you just need to sit back and relax whilst I beaver away on creating the design, During this process I will stay in touch to make sure we are moving in the right direction and share updates where relevant.

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Step 3

Finally I will share the final plan with you. This will include a room layout plan, shopping list to match your budget and moodboard to bring the vision for the new room to life. Once you are happy, you will have all the tools you need to create the design yourself at home!